Creative Variable Analysis

Creative Variable Analysis – This is the art & science of evaluating digital media creative (primarily video) across an array of variables particular to the original piece. The increased benefit comes in the optimization as we tweak the creative to meet the client goals. In some cases reaching the targeted audience within the creative while setting broad parameters from a targeting perspective allowing us to arrive at that more relevant audience at a lower cost.

Below you will find a list of key video metrics we look to analyze within the first week of delivery.

  • YouTube View Rate – Users who make it past the thirty-second mark or engaging prior to that point
  • CPV – Three seconds on Facebook and Thirty seconds on YouTube. This is the primary and most often used pricing model for video
  • Percentage of Video Viewed – What is the average percentage of the video viewed against variable (day of week, audience, age group) analyzed
    • Quartile Comparison – How many users made it to 100%
  • Watch Time – Amount of minutes a user spends with an ad
  • Engagement – Provides insight into how users are interacting with the ad both from a click and social sentiment standpoint

The Benefits

Creative Performance

Our first analysis point will be key metrics pertaining to the creative. Moreover, these indicators will help frame our creative strategy as the campaign matures.

Performance Projections

Platform algorithms of now put an enhanced focus on creative and user reaction. Based on results within the relevancy score and view rate we can project our cost per views and other bid adjustable variable performance

User Engagement

Engagement opportunities are key indicators of user behavior and advertiser sentiment. These data points help build, optimize, and test key click types and social actions.

Creative Optimization

Optimizing performance based on key indicators can be the difference between a good and great campaign, hence why variation is such an important piece of the creative variable process.

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Sample Creative Strategy - YouTube

Strategy Breakdown


Because of the skip button option after the first 5 seconds of the ad creative, the beginning of the video is extremely important. Each advertiser will take a different angle, but more often than not this part is fueled by audience attention grabbing content.


After engaging the audience we want to represent a problem your brand solves with the product or service. There are many ways to showcase a difficulty, thus finding the right way to express the issue is also very important.


Now as we solve the problem for a user and establish your brand as the leader in the space we also want to qualify an audience as well. In this section, we have the opportunity to prepare for the 30-second mark where an advertiser pays. Here is where we can trigger our creative to touch the heart of our core consumer that might lie within a broader target, which can also can be done in a variety of ways.


The Re-Hook phase is vastly important, specifically if we have completed the previous 4 sections correctly and cohesively. Re-Engaging the audience with entertainment, education, and/or inspiration always has the highest impact resulting in longer watch time, lower cost per views, increased brand awareness, and purchase intent.