Reporting & Analytics

Our proprietary reporting methodology combined with our multi-variable analysis provide the necessary insight for enhanced campaign performance. Moreover, our reporting and analysis continues to be the focal point for our advertising partners and for some was once their worst pain point. We pride ourselves in our data analysis which creates insights that produce results.

Reporting Phases

  • Launch
  • Optimization / Variable Analysis
  • Scale & Sustain

Variables Analyzed

  • Creative
  • Audience
  • Bidding

Reporting: What To Expect

Timely Delivery

Communication, Data analysis, and client engagement are critical to ensure our conversations are productive we pride ourselves on the delivery of assets, replies, and reporting. We estimate a 24hr or less response time to provide an always on strategy and be there when our clients need us.

Client Data & Transparency

Our clients will always own their own data and that will always be the case. We try to maintain a high level of integrity while providing the most transparent pricing and results to keep a very open and honest relationship with our partners


Leveraging Google and Facebook platforms allow us to take advantage of people based targeting which makes cross-platform optimization profitable when the variable media strategies are applied.

Metrics Evaluated

A key differentiator for Variable Media is our analysis but also the metrics we can calculate. While these metrics are limited to the campaign, advertising partner, and marketing strategy we strive to get as far down the funnel as possible to evaluate critical consumer marketing cues which could yield valuable insight.

Visual Dashboard Data

Our pride is in our work. Handing over a data dashboard and relaying the results is an integral part of the upside Variable Media can provide an advertiser. Our customization of these visual data sets also allow for seamless understanding of campaign results.

Recurring Campaign Review

Understanding where we have been, what we have tested, and the optimizations made are very important to understand the areas where we need to scale. Moreover, we always need to be planning for the next month or quarter and our campaign review periods are key times during the year where we can discuss.

Variable Analysis


Instant feedback from our target audience is crucial to delivery, performance, pricing, and brand sentiment

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Comparing and contrasting the targets across performance metrics build lucrative audience segments and engagement understanding

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Adjustments to pricing can be the difference in reaching 500K or 1M users per month with the same spending level as an example

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Variable Comparison Analysis

First Level Variables


Male and Female users perform differently. It’s important to understand how to bid, what creative to show, and which targeting works best.

Age Groups

Age targeting is unique on each platform, however finding your core demographic is important. Tweaking secondary demographics from a creative and/or audience perspective could yield enhanced results

Day of the Week

Analyzing each day will lead to a better understanding of when and why users convert. Is the weekend or the week more profitable? Variable Media answers these questions and more.


Audience data can help narrow in on an audience however usually comes at a higher cost. Comparing this targeted audience against a broad audience can help us understand the worth of a more restricted audience

We Day Trade Audiences in Real Time