Extending Effecient Reach with a Bumper Strategy – CPGCase Study - Campaign

The image of a brand is paramount. Tasked with introducing a medical grade CPG product with a fraction footprint in Retail outlets Walgreens and Rite Aid, we developed a unique plan that would reach a hyper-targeted audience leveraging third party Datalogix data on YouTube with Long Form and bumper media. To launch our campaign, we narrowed in on our consumers most likely to engage and buy our new product. After testing our strategy shifted to a more broad approach drawing a sharp contrast and understanding to a broad vs. hyper-targeted approach with a retail strategy.

YouTube Campaign Statistics

  • 23 campaigns tested
  • 13 different creative analyzed
  • Eight audience segments targeted

Our primary challenge is how we maximize our hyper-targeted audience int he most efficient manner leveraging a few unique YouTube platform targeting techniques:

  • Bumper Remarketing – Allows us to reach highly targeted users from a retargeting perspective at a fraction of the cost
  • Sequential Messaging & YouTube Segmentation – YouTube allows advertisers to bucket their viewers specific to the videos they have watched allowing for sequential messaging.
    • For example: if user A has seen video A show user A video b.


Our secondary challenge during the campaign was in our shift away from the hyper-targeted audience to a broader approach. This strategy optimization moved our media from targeting users who would be more likely to use the product to users who would be interested in making a shift from the usual. Techniques leveraged below:

  • Custom Affinity Targeting – the Bespoke audience is combining multiple Google data points (YouTube videos watched, Google searches, Gmail e-mails, and more.)
  • Brand Family Targeting – Our CPG advertiser has additional & similar brands we leveraged from a retargeting perspective to reach a more relevant audience at a fraction of the cost

To solve our primary challenge, we implemented a bumper strategy to retarget users from our DLX segment reaching 2.5M users at a fraction (1/3) of the cost.

  • Long Form DLX CPM – $21, CPV – $0.07
  • Bumper Retargeting CPM – $6

Secondarily, after a few months, a shift was necessary to maximize our reach from a long form perspective. We implemented a custom affinity, broad, and bumper retargeting strategy to drive additional volume during peak season for product as well as views

  • 2016 Q4
    • Average CPM – $15
    • Average CPV – $0.08
  • 2017 Q1
    • Average CPM – $6.27
    • Average CPV – $0.03

Results from a retail standpoint showed extensive growth in both Walgreens and Riteaid outlets showing the largest growth in the latter part of the campaign due to the shift in strategy. Quick optimization is necessary for the success of a campaign. These tactics limit ad spend waste and maximize exposure of target audiences that have the largest opportunity to convert.

Spending 43% less in Q1 2017 vs. Q4 2017 we were able to reach more people, garner higher engagement, as well as an increased view rate with a retargeting and broad, efficient bid strategy. Key campaign highlights below:

Quarter over Quarter Comparison

  • 36% more impressions
  • 80% more views (users who made it past thirty seconds)
  • 58% increased click volume
  • 68% improved CPV
  • 1/2 the CPM

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