YouTube Creative Variable Analysis – MedicalCase Study - Campaign

A leading dental brand tasked Variable Media with a set budget and media flight to evaluate three key creative variables with the goal of improving click-through engagement to the website product page.

Working with our partner creative studio, we developed eight variations of the video which included three key variables outlined in the challenge section below.What we learned was fascinating and provides a simple understanding of how creative variable Analysis, a core concept Variable Media leverages to improve performing driven campaigns.


The primary challenge was being able to break down the creative variables in the first few weeks of the campaign. We held to a broad audience strategy to evaluate the creative which helped on the cost side which was important when trying to reach stability across eight creatives.


  • Creative Analysis Points: Actor, Product, Type or Version

    Actor – Two different people were compared

    Type – Two versions of the video spot were analyzed

    Product – Two separate products were tested


  • Metric Analysis Points: CTR, VR, Completion Rate, CPV

    Click-Through Rate (CTR%) – Primary metric

    View Rate (VR%) – View Rate will determine users propensity to stay past the thirty-second mark

    Completion Rate – Important to understand how many users watch the entire piece

    Cost Per View (CPV) – Will help us evaluate the marketing profitability of each spot

  • CTR
  • CTR
  • CTR


With less than 25% of the budget, we were able to implement a full creative variable analysis across three key differentiation points. The diagnosis proved valuable to the client helping increase performance in weeks 4-7 that had not been garnered in weeks 1-3.

Here is what we learned:

  • Actor – When comparing both actors, our female personality produced better results than our male counterpart.
    • 71% increase in CTR
    • 49% decrease in CPC
    • 3% difference in CPV
  • Type – Two versions (funny vs. normal) were created, with the normal version producing excellent performance
    • 55% increase in CTR
    • 35% decrease in CPC
    • 20% difference in CPV
  • Product – Two completely different products produced very similar performance
    • Minimal change across all performance metrics (CTR, CPC, CPV)
  • CTR

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