Facebook Conversion Varibale Analysis – Influencer + E-Commerce $Case Study - Campaign

A preferred influencer media partner was interested in testing the viability of Facebook marketing for their social influencer e-commerce platform.

With no benchmarks on previous marketing efforts, specifically on Facebook, we were able to test a variety of audiences, remarketing strategies, and product-specific creative to understand how our audience would respond. The flight for this campaign was seven days to test our agency capabilities and projected performance.

To keep it simple, Variable Media did not disappoint. While meeting but not exceeding their CPA goals the insight gather across the platform, creative, & audience helped fuel off-platform marketing.


The true challenge would be the replication of success. Could we take what we have learned on what platform and apply similar methodology and tactics on a vastly different platform with similar audience tools, reach, and scalability.

Secondary challenges would include a large emphasis on user behavior specific to platform and device. Also, audience testing and segment scalability. Below will be our core areas of focus for this case study which helped us learn, optimize, and ultimately achieve success:

  • Demographics

    Shorter flights are never optimal, but with an understanding from the client narrowing our target should be swift within days 1-3. Moreover, our gender knowledge based on site data analytics also helps us source spend and delivery accordingly


  • Device & Platform

    The largest unknown will be how our users respond to the various media environments that Facebook and Instagram offer. While we will have to optimize quickly, future campaigns will most likely yield the largest benefit from this campaign.


  • Audience & Remarketing

    Three bid strategies implemented across eight audiences.

    Conversion Focused – Heavily weighed with remarketing efforts, this approach focuses on driving engaged users down the funnel to purchase.

    Mid-Funnel – Consideration – Helping drive users into our conversion funnel, consideration marketing is primarily used to introduce our e-commerce site to users that are familiar with the influencers.

    Product Catalog – A new feature at the time, this product feed shows the best converting products while testing and understanding user behavior against these particular products.




Solving the puzzle of launching our first marketing efforts on Facebook with a 7-day flight is never easy. However, when you garner the majority of your conversions in the first part of the campaign, there is some room for optimizing and testing to provide an understanding of key variables.


  • Demographics

    18-34-year-olds made up over 90% of delivery producing over 90% of purchases

    25-34 engaged via post engagements at a higher propensity than 18=24 while also driving a 22% higher click-through rate

    Males maintained the bulk of the budget at 96%. However, females CPA was 4.5x better. Female spending made up 4% of overall and would not be considered statistically significant to make strategic decisions.

  • Device & Platform

    Facebook held the majority of spend while Instagram drove a 40% better CPA. However, only one conversion was driven at minimal spending levels

    Mobile outperformed Desktop 2 to 1 while maintaining similar CTR results at 1.4% The difference was in the click to conversion ratio which was 4x higher on the mobile device

    News Feed held the bulk of the spend and a greater than average CPA while the right column came in 40% better along with an above 2% click to conversion ratio

    iPhone, desktop, and Android smartphones were the only devices to contribute conversions. iPhone while holding the highest budget and impression volume with the highest CPM provided a CPA well below the campaign average and most efficient in comparison. Click to conversion ratio for the iPhone was 3% highest of any segment analyzed & compared

  • Audience & Remarketing


    Our conversion & product catalog strategies were the only campaigns to produce conversions. However, mid-funnel did carry the highest CTR and lowest CPC driving over 627 new visitors into our purchase funnel.

    Product Catalog proved to be most efficient with a 8% click to conversion ratio.

    Conversion strategy held 5 of the 8 ad sets along with the majority of optimization and testing. Cart abandoners while having a less than 1% CTR generated a 25% click to install ratio.

  • Desktop CPA
  • Mobile CPA

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