Media Planning & Strategy

In marketing, the pre-work couldn’t be more critical to a potential campaign. Variable Media provides in-depth strategic planning which includes an objective reasoning for every placement, platform, and creative selected.

Before the development of each plan, we provide market and competitive research about the advertiser. Next, we develop a media calendar that can and should align with social amplification, or key product/service offers to increase brand synergy. After, we provide the full plan to our client partners to ensure confidence and possibly any iteration revisions necessary.

Media planning has been based for far too long on how consumers’ lives used to be. The way we all consume media has changed enormously, yet our media planning notions and measurement have changed little.

– Mike Bloxham, Ball State University (view source article)

Range of Planning

Market Research
Target Audience Evaluation
Targeting Parameters
Reach / Performance Projections
Social Integrations
Platform Selection

Example Media Plan Strategy

Good platform strategy is the antidote to competition. Taking into account our example campaign plan above we are focusing on the YouTube and Facebook platform to maximize our efficiency with video and native display to drive awareness and purchase intent. These platforms provide scale, creative flexibility, and enhanced solutions to reach a targeted audience.

Campaign variables provide the insight necessary to make important decisions to improve performance. The visible variables in this campaign would be our platform (Facebook vs. YouTube) and audience (Demographic vs. Targeted). Applying analysis and a multi-variable understanding in this example shows in the chart above that our Facebook targeted efforts were tested Jan-Mar and amplified Apr-Jun.

Data will be vastly important during the campaign and optimization efforts specifically against the target audience will have an integral impact on the performance of the campaign. In our example of testing a narrow and broad audience, we can project that our narrow audience on Facebook will perform better garnering a larger share of the budget.

This outline provides clarity and key insight into what we will be testing, evaluating and optimizing to ensure client goals are exceeded with excellence. Due to the programmatic environment of Facebook and YouTube optimization paths are set as a guideline but never a concrete framework

Strategic & tactical planning

Our planning recommendations usually follow a specific workflow.

  1. Campaign Audit – Evaluate client partner current media spend / strategy
  2. Research & Refine – Target audience and competitive research
  3. Analyze -Leverage data and advertiser insights
  4. Analyze II – Assess prod./service, time lag, and purchase path
  5. Develop – Optimization path, media calendar, marketing logic
  6. Present Plan – Partner with client to review media plan in depth

Media Strategy development

Below is a simplified version of a media plan leveraging a broad audience on YouTube, more targeted approach on Facebook, leaving 10% of our spend for testing new audiences and/or creative strategies.

Example Strategic plan development

Case Study -The Importance of Multi-Variable Analysis