The Importance of a Managed Service

Choosing between an in-house marketing solution and hiring an agency is a tough choice facing many marketers today. In 2017 you have Google (incl. YouTube), Facebook, and then there is everyone else. But since your digital paid media is somewhat tied to your social efforts and need to coincide with any traditional push, marketers are having a larger than necessary burden trying to execute it all.

Here comes the pitch for the “Managed Service”  in trusting your marketing dollars in professionals with real experience in the necessary marketing field. Make an effort to weigh all options, but one must take into account headcount, more importantly training time, and lastly I think we are finding out that less is more. The strongest point I can make about partnering with a managed service is that most if not all do not require a long-term commitment and easy to test. Today there is more of a trend of agency and managed service testing to evaluate skill and trade expertise and how this aligns with the business goal of the client partner.

Managed Services usually have a role in the digital advertising ecosystem that fosters an understanding and expertise based on a focused learning to track and case study analysis which often leads to the actionable insight that applies across multiple client partners. If there is anything we have figured out, it’s we can’t know it all. A focused approach limits the amount of stress while expanding the performance and ROI with precision optimization and campaign strategy.


Costs to Think About When Evaluating Marketing Expansion

  • Hiring is difficult, costly, and time-consuming with no guarantee of success. Sad but true.
  • Obtaining critical insights across vertical or other clients leveraging the same platform along with best practices is only obtained through a Managed Service or Agency
  • Freelance Training
  • Onboarding & education of new hire. Talk to an expert today.
  • The cost of 1 or 2 new employees, managed services can provide you a team of experts across multiple disciplines. Less is more.

How Your Marketing Can Be Amplified with Dedicated Support

  • Campaigns will be analyzed daily. Reporting, Optimization Recommendations, and actionable insight delivered on a weekly basis
  • Certified team members with strong focus areas of expertise
  • Personalization through customized dashboard reporting, campaign planning & strategy, and performance reviews
  • 100% client retention rate, c-level references upon request
  • Transparency & Partner Mindset


Managed Services are for the work smarter, not harder client partner.

Advertising Managed Service – A team of experienced marketing experts each with a particular competency to provide a seamless setup process, performance learning, and reporting analysis as it pertains to the platform or publisher managed.

  • Value: Low-risk testable solution for marking issues or expansion with increased upside based on client Key Performance Indicator and Managed Service Experience.
  • Purpose: Marketing hasn’t gotten easier. Trust the experts and continue to focus on your business. We are the incremental marketing solution for your growing business that can be your agency but also provide education to your staff.
  • Purpose 2: Find client partners that want to work on improving business results with a managed service that employs an expertise through knowledge sharing, campaign experience, and focused education.
  • Mission: Educate and compete on a digital advertising level that gives our client partners the advantage in the marketplace. Care for your brands (client partners) media spends as if it were your own.

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