What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

Treating Data As a Layer

We believe highly in data analysis and make it core to every process and procedure.

We believe data is a layer that sits across a client's business; thus, if we prioritize our skillset as an agency around being able to analyze complex variables, we gain an advantage that has been proven in the past and present as our tools and experience evolve.

Variable Analytics / Customized Reports

Variable Analytics was developed under Variable Media as a media buying internal tool and reporting & analysis insight generator for clients.

We customize and innovate our reporting to help satisfy clients' core KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Our reporting dashboards provide three core improvements.

  1. Optimization:  Media buyers can shift budgets more effectively with new insight. Here is a short case study highlighting the ability to see platform data in a new way.
  2. Time-Saving:  Our Analytics brings multiple-platform insights to your doorstep with one report and multiple views (dashboard), limiting the time spent in platform (web) on purpose. We believe platforms should be used to buy media or change creative vs. evaluate insights. A great example we represented at Seerfest here.
  3. Test & Analysis Capability:  The ability to test and iterate continues to grow in importance for every advertiser. Our dashboard customization brings the right testing view. Then with our ability to optimize our dashboards, we can excel in the analysis of testing learning faster for cheaper than scaling or shifting accordingly.

In building the Variable Analytics infrastructure around client media and web data, we've benchmarked 5+ agencies and 50+ clients, which help us compare and drive a deeper understanding of trends across 100's clients. This information paints a fantastic picture for brands regardless of their growth stage.

Experience / Partnerships

Due to analytics being our differentiator, we've partnered with other media buying, full-service, SEO, and creative agencies, which have helped immensely.

Our partnerships are multi-year and extremely valuable to our brand and advertisers who trust us with their media.

Our partners, most importantly, allow the brands we work with the flexibility to shift their creative or scale their brand at any time.