The Process

  1. Connect & Scope (client + VM) - 1. Gain a better understanding of brand / platform details.
  2. Provide Access (client) - 1. Platforms include but are not limited to (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, and Google Analytics)
  3. Review & Provide Feedback (VM) - 1. Take a look under the hood and provide a scope of work & timeline for meeting & distribution of insights.
  4. Audit Account (VM)
  5. Meet & Discuss Insights (client + VM)

What Does The Audit Include?

Similar to our agency values, we want to audit and present precisely what the client expects. We understand all clients are unique and evaluate results in their own way. Thus, we want to ensure we have a primary and secondary focus before beginning.

Next, we provide & present an average 20-40 page report primarily dependent on platform, focus, and total ad spend. The report is sent as a .pdf but reviewed as a .pptx to help translate insights via our PowerBI dashboards.

The report, in most cases, includes an:

  • Overview - A multi-platform view that can help give us a comprehensive view of the combined ad platforms against the total spend/revenue trends.
  • Ad Platform Specific - Next, we dive into individual platforms to help drive a deeper understanding of the results both past & present. We dig into a variety of variables looking for anomalies which help tell stories.
  • Other Platforms - To help round out any audit, we believe the more platform access, the better; thus, having Access to more usually drives a deeper conversation, understanding, and insights.
    • Google Search Console
    • Shopify
    • YouTube Studio
    • Commerce Manager

What Does An Audit Look Like?

Our audits constantly evolve with the platforms and usually share a similar characteristic to client advertising and brand attributes. At the core of our audits is our ability to collect data, analyze details, and report on findings. While these findings uncover key insights that tell a story determining an account's overall health and trajectory comes down to our ability to compare, contrast, and, most importantly, benchmark against hundreds of brands under the variable media and analytics portfolio.

Below are our case study sections that provide a video walk-through of what to expect.

What Does An Audit Cost?

Due to the size of our agency, the audit cost is directly correlated to workload by staff. Please reach out if you would like an audit and we can provide either a free opportunity or pricing for the effort.