Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

What Makes Us Different?

We rely on our tools and select partners we’ve vetted and provide a unique value unattainable at this current time. With the growth of Variable Analytics, we now power agencies and brands worldwide. That impact isn’t just in validation but also in understanding a more extensive data set and the effect of insight for our advertisers.

The Starter Kit / Sample Audit Template

Below will provide you with what we consider the starter kit for any brand (primarily e-commerce)

Variable Analysis
Additional Reports

Meeting & Cadence

Our reporting includes strategy, optimization, and analysis which helps project and test variables to improve performance. Syncing on results depends primarily on client availability and weekly / monthly budget.

Ad Platform User Interfaces are Trash 🗑️

The Duopoly (Google / Facebook) are the primary ad platforms and continue to dominate in revenue generated and users similar to organic for both Google search and Facebook platforms. In developing their interfaces, and rightfully so, ad platforms focus on the ability to buy vs. analyze and optimize. Thus this missed opportunity to provide better analytics and gave an opening to innovate. As we see the data through the variable analytics lens, we feel empowered with a deeper understanding of the readily available data.

Extracting, transforming, and loading ad platform data into a visualization platform like PowerBI provides you with a limitless opportunity. Visualizing marketing and advertising information by combining multiple data sets opens up a swift understanding crucial for all clients and potential clients (Audit).

Why is speed important in media buying? Because most ad, web, and social platforms are web or app-based resulting in significant lag times. In addition, the hoops necessary to develop a report in-platform from the campaign tab or the reporting section are one or twelve too many layers deep, in my opinion. Thus, ad platform user interfaces are trash. We've made it a goal to use them as minimally as possible. Want to know more specifics to this topic? See below for our most recent case study from Seerfest 2022.

Reporting Tools 🚊

In my opinion, many of the reporting tools today cannot customize to the farthest extent and were primarily built for mass adoption, which is why we made Variable Analytics for customization. I had many experiences either locking into a contract or not having a specific platform available, feature waiting I couldn't take it. Reporting tools, in my opinion, are great for a quick view. Still, in our opinion, we will go through every variable available to give us the best chance to win. As these platforms evolve, most importantly, we will be quicker to develop, and while scale may be slower, we think our customized tools provide us an advantage many brands (your competitors) don't have.